As parents of three young children we were concerned about the amount of waste we were creating at bath time. This was in the form of the shampoo being wasted (when the kids get hold of it and squirt it everywhere) and the sheer amount of plastic bottles we were using. Something had to change.

So we set out to find a solution 

Having seen shampoo bars in the market for adults, we looked everywhere for a child-friendly version… but with no luck (particularly for our child with allergy-prone skin), we decided to create our own. Enter Percy & Pop Shampoo bars specially formulated for children. 

Whatever way you like to wash their hair, from a little rub, a quick scrub or a soft massage, we wanted bars that would result in a beautiful bundle of bubbles…so when parents see the lather build, they can rest assured our shampoo bar is working its magic on their little one’s hair and scalp, to give them that lovely, bubbly, sniffably clean hair feeling! 

It’s all about…Good, Clean, Fun


  • Good for Kids – our bars are specially formulated to nourish kids’ hair and scalp and they’re eye-friendly too
  • Good for Grown Ups – our bars will leave your hands beautifully soft and moisturised
  • Good for the Planet – no plastic, no waste, our products are handmade locally using sustainably sourced ingredients


  • Our products are for bath time – cleaning is what they are made for! 
  • The bars are packed full of natural active ingredients so they’re really effective at removing dirt and grime 
  • With the best ingredients - no irritating sulphates and a commitment to ensuring the sustainable sourcing of everything we use


  • Bath time should be fun time – a quality time, to laugh and connect with our little ones (knowing bedtime isn’t far away)
  • Kids can have fun using our bars themselves – encouraging body independence and autonomy (and reducing bath time battles!)

Our Suppliers

We believe that our responsibility and impact extends beyond our products and we want to work with others who share our values. For us this means working with partners who can demonstrate commitment towards all the good stuff like sustainability, fair wages, reducing local unemployment, encouraging inclusivity and contributing to social causes. 

Our eco-friendly packaging 

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This certification guarantees our boxes are made with a mix of materials from sustainably managed forests, recycled materials and FSC-controlled wood. This means trees are harvested responsibly and irreplaceable forests (like really old ones!) are protected. 

Our boxes are also specially designed to be entirely folded requiring no glue so no risk of contaminating the recycling process – clever!